2021 Guide: Steps to attract more customers to your insurance agency

Pasos para atraer más clientes a tu agencia de seguros
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The steps to attract customers to your insurance agency are at your fingertips. From Legencys, we offer you a simple guide so you can achieve your sales goals in 2021.

For most insurance agencies, the process of getting potential clients is the most difficult. Capturing the attention and awakening the interest of the ideal public requires the application of marketing strategies, market research, and good customer service.

Steps to attract clients to your insurance agency

Insurance agencies can take many actions plans to reach more people through traditional and/or digital information platforms. The key is always to offer renewed proposals that differentiate us from the growing competition.

If you want to increase leads in your insurance company, you should follow these steps to attract customers to your insurance agencies. We guarantee that you will have the desired results in a short time.

Valuable content

The first step in attracting customers to your insurance agency is to offer helpful content to users and engage them from publications to insurance information guides that awaken the need for these people to take out a policy.

Insurance agencies can offer data of great relevance to the general public and differentiate themselves from other insurance companies with ingenuity and creativity. Users who find valuable data for their lives log in and become visitors.

Invitation to action

The next step is the call to action, convincing the visitor to enter your website or social networks to get more information. This is achieved with attractive phrases that invite the person to “click” to learn much more about this insurance segment.

The ideal is to have a landing page where the user will receive direct data about the insurance service you want to sell. To achieve one of these steps to attract customers to your insurance agency, you must make an emphatic and eye-catching call to action.

Landing Page

Once the user clicks on the call to action, they should find your landing page. This page must be loaded with all the information about the insurance policy you want them to contract, essential data about the insurance agency, and, very important, the form for them to leave their data.

The landing page’s objective is to leave his contact information to say that he becomes a lead. You can communicate directly with him to continue with the sales process and finally convert him into a client.

Data registration 

The data forms have to request mainly name and email to start with the conversion process. As an insurance agency, your goal should be to provide them with all the information about the insurance policy, the benefits, and the opportunities they will enjoy if they decide to sign up.

Strategies to capture leads

Along with the steps mentioned above, you must also apply strategies so that your efforts have the desired results. Here are two to get you started.

Know your target market

If you want the right leads to reach your insurance company, you must design your strategy after conducting a target market study. The key is to define the product you will promote and the audience that is most likely to consume it. Creating this ideal customer profile will provide you with various benefits and the effectiveness of your strategy.

For example, auto or property policies for young workers, life insurance for seniors, medical coverage policies for adults with illnesses or jobs with risk of injury.

Optimize your insurance platforms

Another critical point is to optimize your platforms. Before launching your customer acquisition strategy, your insurance agency’s platforms must be optimized correctly in Google.

This step is defined as search engine optimization (SEO). It involves structuring all the content of social networks, web portals, landing pages, and ads around keywords that allow your target audience to find you when doing their research on search engines efficiently.

Follow these steps to attract clients to your insurance agency and seek the advice of insurance marketing professionals so that the strategy you decide to use has the desired success.

Do not leave the implementation of your recruitment plan to chance, or it will not have the desired results. In Legencys we have extensive experience in this field, so you only have to contact us for more information and start a new era in your insurance agency.

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