4 ways to generate leads that aren’t referrals

4 formas de generar clientes potenciales que no sean referidos
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2021 came with countless challenges for insurance agencies, and one of the most important is how to generate leads in alternative ways to the well-known referrals. The truth is that four highly effective methods can help increase sales as desired.

Among the marketing techniques, seeking referrals requires time and effort to work on each client. People must be delighted with the insurance purchased to recommend the insurer to their family, friends, coworkers, and associates.

Likewise, insurance agents have the task of asking their clients, since they are happy with the benefits received so far, to comment favorably about the service on social networks and with their close ones. Do you want to go beyond that? Then it’s time for you to learn other methods to generate leads and not just rely on referrals.

The 4 best methods to generate leads

It’s no secret that referrals are an essential and fundamental part of closing sales. A considerable percentage of clients come into the hands of agents because of good referrals from acquaintances. However, salespeople can take other parallel paths if they want to increase their chances of selling policies.

It’s not all about waiting for final closing results and good reviews from policyholders; various paths can be taken to attract opportunities and increase performance as an insurance agent and benefit the company’s reputation.

Here’s a countdown of four of the best methods for generating leads without abusing referrals and taking advantage of the marketing resources you have at your fingertips as an insurance professional.

Paid advertising

The primary way to generate leads is to invest in online marketing for insurance agencies. Google, and the rest of the search engines, allow you to buy fixed advertising space in individual sections that will enable you to attract people searching the web for the best options for taking out insurance.

The presence of these ads, which direct to the agency’s website in this case, generates traffic that benefits the company’s reputation on the Internet and increases interactions on the web and social networks.

Professional Alliances

A smart way to generate potential clients is to make strategic alliances with professionals in areas related to the type of insurance agency you belong to. To get them, the ideal way is to attend events to meet close workers in the area and propose a cooperation. Also, through social networks, you can meet prospects.

By having the professional’s alignment, for example, in the field of finance, the plan will be to recommend each other to be in front of a person who may need the services of the other. If the financial expert has a client who needs insurance, he will let you know and do the same.

To know people’s needs, you have to develop a discourse of interest towards your clients’ life and problems. This way, you will soon know which of your allies to recommend to them, and you, in turn, will see how your allies’ recommended clients will come to you.

Open presentations

The global health crisis limits people’s presence in fixed workplaces; however, making question and answer sessions for companies is a way to generate potential customers and see them face to face to know their needs and general questions about the services you offer.

Nowadays, these presentations can be arranged via videoconferencing and, it is confirmed, they will flow as well as if they were face-to-face. You just have to be prepared with professional support material and updated content that appeals to people who will receive it.

Announce in advance that you will be online and available for as long as it takes to answer all questions, and you will soon notice that clients will be coming to your agency sooner or later.

Paid leads

Although it is not a recommended method of prospecting clients, you can also generate leads by buying them. Some agencies offer, for varying amounts of money, people who might be interested in hiring the service you offer.

As a last resort, this can be your method of making closings; however, you must be careful with the prospect providers you choose. First, research the service and confirm client bid packages to determine if they fit your requirements or not.

The key is not to sit back and wait for sales to come to you; go out and take advantage of these methods to generate leads and multiply the number of closes you achieve in a year. Remember that respecting and applying insurance marketing plans will be your best ally to ensure the insurance agency’s consistency of action.

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