5 qualities of successful insurance agents

5 cualidades de los agentes de seguros que triunfan
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Being successful within an insurance company depends on preparation, experience, and skills during diverse situations. The type of behavior in the presence of adversity is a vital factor, and there are a series of qualities of insurance agents that make them potentially successful.

Knowing how to take on challenges, meet goals, and embrace change with a positive and assertive attitude is a complex task in any type of business. However, insurance salespeople who meet these parameters achieve their goals and stand out from the rest.

On the other side, within the marketing plans for insurance agencies, objectives are established that must be followed. Only professionals who adapt to the company’s needs and add their effort achieve the desired purpose of increasing sales and position themselves as one of the best sellers.

At Legencys, we know precisely the qualities that make employees capable of getting clients for insurance agencies, improving business performance, boosting other workers’ growth, and increasing the agency’s sales and position in the market.

The Qualities of Successful Insurance Agents

As an insurance agency owner, you may be looking for qualified personnel, or you may be evaluating the attitudes of those already on board. If you want to determine who is golden and who needs a boost, consider the following behaviors.

With these elements clear, you will be able to accurately project your customer service’s reality and take steps to ensure that all your employees have the qualities of successful insurance agents.

Also, considering your salespeople’s high and low points will improve your marketing strategy and increase your record time sales. These are the factors you should not overlook.

They don’t give up, and they work hard

Insurance agents’ job is to attract clients, sell and keep those already insured; that is to say, they have fixed tasks that could be considered repetitive for many.

They have to fulfill a series of precise and calculated steps to achieve the closing of the sale. In many cases, they must endure the rejection or complaint of clients or potential policyholders. It is not surprising that these factors generate stress, discouragement, or insecurity about their capabilities.

One of the qualities of insurance agents is to be constant in their work, insist on their work without getting tired, and persist against negativity to achieve their goals. With this in mind, they take advantage of all the resources at their disposal, such as contacts, to get ahead in times of crisis.

They put themselves in the customer’s shoes

Empathy is fundamental to sell life, work, auto, or business insurance. Employees who are dedicated to knowing each case’s vulnerable situation, being honest about costs, and exposing all the alternatives that the company has available, are undoubtedly the points that make them stand out from the rest.

This is one of the qualities of insurance agents most valued by current clients, making it possible to attract more people potentially. Putting themselves in the insured’s shoes always has good results, and achieving this in all cases is a skill that few maintain.

Proactive and creative

An insurance agent who only repeats their tasks and does not seek to make changes for professional improvement does not succeed. One of the best qualities of insurance agents is to be proactive and creative when selling, acquiring clients, and managing the various communication platforms.

The insurer must already manage a marketing plan designed especially for your company; however, this does not imply that salespeople cannot make value propositions to improve performance. And the workers who make them demonstrate the ability to deliver far more than what is required of them.

Informing superiors about techniques that no longer work with customers and suggesting updates to digital platforms is valid and valuable input for your employer. Taking these points into account is vital and demonstrates that you have top-quality insurance agents in your ranks.


Being in control of time and keeping a detailed schedule of activities makes the difference between an average insurance agent and a successful one. Those who manage to balance their functions between customer service and control work tend to have better results in the short, medium, and long term.

Also, the habit of keeping a schedule of activities makes the salesperson constantly subject himself to self-evaluations. In this way, he quickly detects errors, weak points, and aspects that need to be improved to make sales as expected.

Social and confident

It is no secret that people who are self-confident and simultaneously show themselves to be accessible to everyone inspire confidence. This is one of the qualities of insurance agents that generate a better connection with clients and ensure that the closing is reached quickly.

The qualities of successful insurance agents are clear and evident and, if you have employees with these profiles, don’t let them go. Take advantage of their potential, encourage their actions, and try to infect the rest of the salespeople with that sense of belonging and work.

At the same time, value the creative contributions they can make to your company and seek the support of marketing professionals for insurance agencies to guide the strategy towards the primary objective: to sell and keep policyholders.

Now that you’re clear on all the points evaluate your staff and determine if they have the qualities of successful insurance agents.

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