6 reasons why you lose followers on social networks

6 razones por las que pierdes seguidores en las redes sociales
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Losing followers on social networks is a tough hit for any brand, especially for insurance agencies that live on capturing leads through all possible mass media.

Users on social platforms are inclined to like the content of an account if it offers novelty, entertainment, or constant and updated information about your products or services. Although it is known that companies will not always be able to generate content that goes viral or that produces thousands of favorable reactions, the ideal is that the target audience is always pleased.

Suppose you consider offering all these elements to your community of followers on Instagram and Facebook. In that case, the question you may be asking yourself is: Why are people unfollowing you?

The 6 reasons why you keep losing followers on social networks

The reasons can be varied and complex, and losing followers on social networks represents a hit on the morale of the insurance agency and gives rise to the point of reflection and rethinking of objectives.

The first thing to do is identify what actions keep consumers away from your platforms, whether it is poor content management or failures in customer service. From Legencys, we tell you six of the probable reasons why you keep losing followers on social networks.

1. There is no consistency in publications

Users value the frequency with which you publish content as it evidences the brand’s commitment to its followers. If you are not complying with a post-publication schedule, you will lose followers in social networks.

Plan the days and times when your target audience will receive the images, videos, or reels with more attention, is the way to ensure that they stay interested in the news of your insurance agency.

2. Too much content

At the other extreme are insurance agency accounts that saturate their feeds with posts. You have to be very careful because the fact that there is a lot of image or video content can be very overwhelming for followers, causing all the information to be meaningless. Therefore, people stop following the insurance company’s account.

Bombarding your feeds with content that doesn’t add value or represents information overload about various products or services instantly scares followers away. The solution is to publish a daily or inter-daily post and complement it with stories to keep communication with users active.

3. Failure in content

Posting random images without really having an idea of what you want to contribute to your community causes a lot of damage to your reputation and achievements. This is another reason why you will inevitably lose followers on social networks.

Avoid the tendency to launch content just to keep accounts active; instead, make a study of your audience and pay close attention to the type of posts that have good receptivity and attract new followers.

4. Tricky contests

It’s no wonder that you are currently fighting against losing followers on social networks if, to get them, you have dedicated yourself to doing tricky contests. Taking advantage of the platforms to offer gifts, discounts, and promotions on insurance services can attract various people. However, when you do it frequently, and there are never any beneficiaries, the strategy has adverse effects.

Users quickly identify companies that try to do business with fake or misleading contests and may join in reporting the accounts and leaving bad reviews on the different platforms. To avoid this repercussion, seek the advice of marketing professionals and conduct contests honestly.

5. Bad strategies to engage followers

The use of user engagement strategies, for example, asking to follow your account and inviting others to follow you, is often beneficial. However, when it becomes repetitive, and users don’t see the promised benefits, they leave.

Attracting people to your brand through special offers, promises, or misleading advertising works, but not for long. Sooner or later, followers will realize this and leave. Don’t use cheap strategies to attract followers and plan your platforms correctly with the advice of insurance agency marketing professionals.

6. Audience not suitable for your brand

A consequence of the previous point is that your social media accounts are reached by users who don’t really need your services and therefore are not interested in consuming.

In many cases, it is not that the content is poorly targeted or designed, but that the follower base you created in your accounts is not the right one for the services you offer. Look for debugging and attract the right leads through campaigns on web portals and digital advertising.

As an extra tip, to stop losing followers on social networks, you have to offer quality content and thus attract the right people to your brand; one way to do this is by applying multi-format content strategies for insurers.

With them, you can twist the type of publications you are sharing and ensure that each post has the desired impact. Also, they will generate good reactions from users, and you will enter the competition. Take advantage of these tips, and you will soon stop losing your audience and start gaining the visibility your insurance agency deserves.

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