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Creating an effective marketing strategy for insurance agencies can be a real challenge in a highly competitive market. It is a task that challenges your ability as a marketer since imposing your brand and overcoming your rivals requires preparation and professionals’ help.

From the beginning, you have to clarify your objective. Then you must consider whether potential clients consume social networks, search on the Internet or check the references they receive from friends and family before deciding to purchase an insurance policy.

Once the goals and objectives are defined, the campaigns, plans, and development of virtual platforms’ strategies come into action, making people find your brand in less time and position you as a reference company.

From Legencys we know the importance of developing a correct marketing campaign for insurance agencies, so we provide you with some simple tips that you can take advantage of to increase your sales reach, have a better reputation in search engines, and start to be a known name among people in your area who need insurance.

Insurance Agency Marketing

The key to marketing success consists in applying strategies according to the public you want to reach. As an insurance agency, the right thing to do is determine what kind of insurance you will offer and the people you want to get.

Having clear your objectives (sell, gain reputation, publicize a change in your company, increase your publications’ reach, among others), there are available and proven ways to catch the consumers of your target market and ensure that they stay with you for a long time.

Here are the main techniques of this type of marketing that are perfectly adapted to insurance agencies. In many cases, they require professionals’ advice in the area for their correct management and execution.

E-mail marketing

An essential step to attracting clients and keeping those already captured well informed is to start an e-mail marketing campaign with relevant and indispensable information.

Announcing coverage updates, details of interest about the company, surveys, inquiries, and congratulations on important dates make more of a difference than many consider possible.

To send e-mails to potentially interested people, it is possible to buy advertising space on social networks and to make it possible to register on the insurance agency’s web portal to send e-mails.

This recruitment technique can be supported by other messaging types associated with a customer relationship management (CRM) operating system. Investing in the resource of optimizing relationships with consumers is a necessary, wise move and one that improves sales considerably and keeps policyholders with you for years to come.

Inbound marketing

This is a popular methodology that uses enriching content on social networks and websites to catch the attention of people who are possibly looking for life, auto, property insurance, or to join your company.

Insurance agency marketing can be based not only on offering the service and benefits but also on content for digital platforms that are of quality and arouses the interest of people who, perhaps, have not considered the importance of hiring a personal, family, or business policy.

The key is to convince the consumer to decide without them feeling that they were pressured, persuaded, or coerced in any way. It’s a tactic that marketers frequently use because it impacts insurers’ target market.

Search Engine Optimization

Reputation in the world’s most used search engine, Google; is so important that there is an exclusive section for search engine optimization within insurance agency marketing.

Using keywords, search engine copywriting strategies, and original content boosts an insurance company’s website’s visibility. It is an arduous and continuously changing task, as Google’s algorithm constantly modifies search criteria and authority standards.

An expert in the area executes an effective SEO campaign, and at the same time, it is supported by Ads. These are paid advertisements offered by Google. If you have the economic resources to hire them, they significantly improve people’s visits to your website since it can appear effortlessly in the first search results.

Insurance marketing professionals

Knowing the insurance agency marketing strategies in many cases is not enough to guarantee new consumers’ entry. Marketing professionals can design and execute the appropriate campaigns for each case and record the favorable progress. Likewise, in case of not having the expected results, they can analyze the situation and change the previously established plan to achieve the proposed objective. In Legencys, we specialize in this work and go beyond.

We offer web and social media design for insurance agencies regardless of their current status in the market. We take care of positioning the agency from the beginning, correct frequent mistakes and guide the marketing in the right direction to increase sales, improve reputation and make the brand stand out in the market.

Now that you know the techniques and recommendations about insurance agency marketing, it’s time to implement the plan that best suits your budget and become visible to people locally and abroad.

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