Effective techniques of SEO for insurance agencies

Tácticas infalibles de SEO para agencias de seguros
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital tool for boosting the online reputation of any company. In SEO for insurance agencies, you can take advantage of several useful tricks to get the reach you need.

Getting the coveted top positions in Google results requires hard, daily, and constant website owners’ work. This is due to the increasing competition and changes in the authority criteria imposed by the American company.

It should be noted that the correct application of SEO criteria must be carried out by a professional. The reason? Some virtual tools and resources come together to boost website visibility. They become functional when executed by experts with extensive knowledge to meet the objectives set out in the company’s digital marketing strategy.

However, as an insurance marketer, you have to know that to stand out among the wide range of alternatives in the local and international markets, you have to apply the best techniques of SEO for insurance agencies. If you want to bet on web marketing, you just have to give a chance to professionals’ advice.

SEO for insurance agencies techniques

There are a series of professional tactics when executing an SEO for insurance agencies strategy to increase business sales in the medium and long term. At Legencys, we explain in a simple way some of them and the reasons why you should invest in the hands of specialists in the area.

Clear objectives

The first step to start a campaign of SEO for insurance agencies is to define the objectives that the company wants to achieve with the positioning campaign. It must also determine what its strengths are in the market, what it can contribute that is different from the competition, its target market, the socio-economic details, and how much money it will invest.

All these data arise after an investigation conducted by experts in digital marketing and SEO to a brand or company, and with them, you can design the entire strategy.

Quality content

For the SEO strategy to be effective initially, you must provide posts with original and innovative information that invites potential consumers to learn more about the services you offer. Today more than ever, Google values the diversity and unpublished data that you provide in your content field.

Posts with repetitive or plagiarized content do not appear in the top positions because the search engine does not consider them essential. In many cases, copying is reprimanded, and, in the worst case, the web portal can be removed from the server. Making new contributions is the key to survival.


The basis of SEO is the choice of specific and concrete keywords. To be in the first search engine results, it is necessary to select the right key phrases for the insurance agency’s website’s content.

The words must be repeated in the posts and web a certain number of times, be present in titles, images, links, and other strategic places.

Paying for the use of keyword tools is a way to guarantee that you are finding the right keyword for each post and that it will easily appear in the searches of people who need the insurance policies you offer.

Web design

Just as keywords should be selected with intentionality and background objectives, your insurance website’s design needs to be customized and optimized around the keyword and design parameters that differentiate.

Using images obtained from the Internet is a grave mistake, mainly because not using your pictures doesn’t reflect your insurance agency’s corporate identity. Investing in optimized web designs that are in line with Google’s guidelines is a wise move.

As expected, it implies an essential investment since the web cannot remain static; constant updating and innovation adds points to climb in the search results.

SEO in the hands of professionals

This is one of the essential tips on SEO for insurance agencies. You can know the theory, pay for the tools, and try to study the Google search engine’s demands; however, the application will only be effective if it is carried out by an expert in this sector’s marketing strategies.

If you are looking to boost your insurance agency from the beginning, the idea is to hire an agency dedicated entirely to managing web portals for this type of company. In Legencys, we specialize in this area, and we have the experience and the necessary plans to give the required impulse to your business.

We optimize and make your website take off with content optimization plans. We guarantee a secure website with SSL encryption. We design an appearance according to your business identity and offer professional support to improve every marketing project step.

Also, we have plans that adapt to the marketing budget you have contemplated in your strategy. All regardless of your current size, number of clients, or search engine reputation status.

Essential tips when betting on SEO

Once you know the best techniques for applying SEO for insurance agencies, there are some essential tips that you should take into account before jumping into the application independently.

  • Conduct a study on the SEO status of your insurance web portal and then devise a marketing strategy based on your business objectives.
  • Dedicate part of your budget to buying web tools that will tell you the exact keywords you need to appear in potential policyholders’ searches.
  • Create your website with the ability to function correctly when viewed from conventional computers and mobile devices. The ideal is to study the smart devices with which those interested in taking out policies tend to navigate.
  • According to Google’s parameters, always bet on valuable content, accompanied by a link strategy and an information architecture.

With all the knowledge of SEO for insurance in your hands, it is time to bet on increasing your sales. Get to impose yourself in the insurance market in your city, country, and internationally with SEO professionals’ help.

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