7 Mistakes Insurance Agencies Make in Marketing

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Insurance today faces many challenges. One of the main issues is the need to work in a way that is efficient and economical while complying with every regulation, existing or new standards, being competitive, and taking advantage of opportunities.

Complying with all this is considered a determining factor for success in insurance. At Legencys, we have a marketing team directed to insurance agencies to help our clients overcome every difficulty.

Marketing will always be necessary for many areas. But to be honest, the insurance industry has not been very involved in marketing or creating useful websites that can convert a visitor into a potential customer. It’s all because many brokerages are independent work by their marketing means, where generally, there is a low level of originality. This makes it difficult for them to stand out and be considered genuinely competitive in the market.

The marketing for insurance agencies that we carry out allows them to develop a distinctive brand identity. With this comes the opportunity for greater reception and market share. Doing this is not a task for just anyone; you need to have a strategic vision that makes it possible to generate a more significant impact and remove those marketing strategies that don’t have a good performance.

Let’s review the 7 mistakes we have detected in insurance agency marketing that should not happen:

Lack of a consistent and stable brand

Many insurance agencies think they have a great brand when they only have a logo and slogan in reality. When you talk about a brand, you are referring to more than just a logo. Instead, it relates to the promise you have to the customer, what you are, what you want to be, and how the audience can perceive all the information.

Usually, companies will define their brand before they start developing their logo, tag line, etc. Not the other way around; the truth is that there are agencies, not to say that they are the majority, that does not dedicate the necessary time to do this. The reality comes sooner or later; when the brand is not defined initially, the struggle to get established becomes very heavy.

So what questions can an insurance agency ask itself? To know yourself as a brand, you need to ask yourself several questions. These will clarify the whole picture, which will then be taken into account by insurance agency marketing. Among them, we have:

  • What do you represent?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is the reason you get out of bed every morning?
  • When a person references your insurance agency, what would you like them to say?

With these questions, you can get a good start to know yourself more as a brand. If you want to get into this topic, we recommend looking for Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, called Start with Why. He explains the importance of the “why” to achieve personal and professional goals during the video.

Simon Sinek’s words during his TED Talk inspired D’Camera Group, a company located in Maryland. It shows how sometimes it doesn’t take an excessive budget or a big marketing agency to make a brand strong or execute a good marketing plan. The director of this company managed to model his entire website to be around the golden circle director.

No focus on digital

We often notice that for independent insurance agencies, digital marketing is excellent and wrong. On the positive side: these agencies are generally small and don’t have a lot of budget for marketing materials to be generated, so creating a brand by sharing resources makes it possible to have a more significant impact with fewer resources.

On the other hand, there is the disadvantage that even companies that have marketing teams and large budgets do not have the necessary knowledge when it comes to marketing for insurance agencies. So you will find that they will be focusing their efforts on traditional advertising rather than creating digital content.

The scenario we show you will result in the following: insurance agencies focus much of their advertising efforts on printed materials, leaving aside digital content. All this will be reflected as a result of high and not so efficient spending. All because they are in charge of sending brochures, producing informative flyers, letters, in short, all kinds of printed material that mostly does not achieve the impact they are looking for.

Stop thinking about selling and educate

At this point, the following is essential: stop selling and worry more about educating. This is the most efficient way to approach marketing for insurance agencies. Keep in mind that most consumers don’t want to receive a form letter so that they won’t respond to the ad. Insurance today is not sold; it is bought.

It is advisable to maintain a tone focused on answering every potential customer’s questions to solve their problems. This approach focuses on the customer-driven product, which will provide more excellent value to the customer and allow the agency to consider various competitive factors.

Content without differentiation

When it comes to content to strengthen marketing for insurance agencies, it is advisable to balance traditional and digital. But above all, you should always look for a unique factor to your insurance, a feature that differentiates you from the competition. If this is not done, it generates a brand imitation, damaging your search engine rankings and reputation.

Ensure that the content you have on your website is not duplicated on your blog or another because it could affect you.

Don’t leave your brand faceless

When marketing to insurance agencies, keep in mind that it’s not just about promoting the agency. People shop with real people, so it’s important to build the personal brand of the agency.  An excellent way to do this is to express your personality and experience through the blog.

Insufficient use of social networks

Social networks are here to stay. Not using them is a fatal mistake if the objective is for the agency to grow. You must understand that it is not a fad. You must manage to connect with your potential clients through these platforms. To do it well, take into account all these points that we have developed.

Too much emphasis on pay per click advertising

As a final mistake, insurance agencies need to stop being so dependent on pay-per-click advertising. This alternative is expensive because the insurance market is very competitive. It is better to focus on digital content creation; we assure you to get good benefits.

Our work doing marketing for insurance agencies

If you still have doubts and don’t know precisely what are those marketing practices for insurance agencies that you should not be applying to, at Legencys, we are here to help you. We have the experience that will show the best of you so that your insurance company can develop and be successful.

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