Email Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Email Marketing para agencias de seguros

If you want good results for insurance agencies, email marketing is a must-have ally.

E-mail has a capability that many other channels don't have: it knows how to create a personal touch of value – on a large scale. David Newman

Mejora tus resultados con email marketing para agencias de Seguros en California

Improve your results with email marketing for Insurance Agencies in California

If you are working in an insurance agency and you are looking for a tool that is effective with your clients, the answer you are looking for is email marketing. Insurance agencies have two fundamental advantages when applying this strategy within online advertising.

The first is their database, and the second is that the information they have can be segmented based on their customers’ needs and interests. Only with these two characteristics can sales effectiveness be improved.

Offer what your clients need

Insurance agents in California have an extensive database that can be a great asset if used correctly. The important thing is to know how to take advantage of all the information you have about your potential clients.

At Legencys, we take care of perfectly segmenting your email marketing campaigns so that your promotions and news reach the right customers. In this way, we will ensure a higher conversion rate.

Ofrece los que tus clientes necesitan
Conoce el perfil que tienen tus clientes

Know the profile of your customers

All insurance agencies must know the profile of their potential customers, their characteristics, and preferences perfectly.

Do you have any problem recognizing these characteristics? In Legencys, we define this point to send the promotions that your prospects are needing.

Humanize your service

By adding email marketing for insurance agencies to your strategy, you offer a value proposition to potential and current clients. This makes your service be perceived as more human, closer and special.

One of the most common mistakes insurance agents make is to create a distance with potential clients by using very technical terms. Doing this only creates a barrier between the prospect and the insurance agency that is very detrimental to the business. In email marketing, on the other hand, you build a relationship of trust with your subscribers, so you speak to them in a language that allows them to connect with you.

Humaniza tu servicio
Conoce el perfil que tienen tus clientes

Be there on special days for your clients

At Legencys, we want you to be close to your clients; that’s why we create full campaigns for email marketing for insurance agents in California that allow you to be present on special days.

Because it is a programmable tool, there are infinite alternatives to do. For example, we create unique campaigns for the month’s birthday or send out a special holiday promotion. The goal of email marketing is to make your community feel special and close to you so that every time they receive your campaigns, they want to interact with you.

Enjoy the advantages of transactional emails

Email marketing for insurance agencies in California is beneficial to send your client’s policy at the exact moment automatically it is required and with the certainty that it was received. Transactional emails are an essential part of your communication strategy, don’t know how to activate them in your company? Write to us, and we will contact you to provide the service your clients need.