Email marketing tips for insurance agencies

Tips de email marketing para agencias de seguros
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Email marketing for insurance agencies is one of the best ways to attract leads and maintain a good relationship with policyholders for a long time.

Insurance companies use this resource to send updates on their services and even to send notifications. However, in many cases, its usefulness is questioned. Most people tend to send the messages directly to the “trash” or “spam” section without stopping for a moment to read and detail the content they received.

Against this backdrop, in many cases, service companies discard email campaigns. The truth is that it is a handy tool for sales and customer relations if you know how to use it.

That is why today at Legencys, we tell you some of the best email marketing tricks for insurance agencies that you can take advantage of to increase your sales and keep your customers more than satisfied.

Tips for email marketing for insurance agencies

When developing an effective lead generation strategy using email marketing for insurance agencies, it is essential to consider a series of considerations about the messages’ structure and content.

With these tricks, potential policyholders and clients will not overlook the email and contact the insurance agents to learn more details. The key is not to forget the details and seek marketing professionals’ advice to present the target audience with the content they expect.


The first step to take when talking about email marketing for insurance agencies is to devise messages to feel they are being served in a personalized way.

Compose each email in a personalized way and taking into account the possible doubts of that customer. Address the person by name and develop the idea to like a conversation between the agency and the lead. This way, they will think that the agency is trying to communicate with them directly, and they will be curious to know what it is all about.

Valuable content

When we talk about how to sell insurance successfully, taking advantage of email marketing for insurance agencies, it is impossible not to refer to the quality of the messages’ quality and value for customers.

When writing emails, insurance agents should prioritize the information that can generate the most interest in the leads and, at the same time, be so attractive that they feel the need to delve into the details. Start with headlines that attract their attention and clarify that they will miss something important if they let the email go unread.

For example, it works to make a call to action by presenting the benefits and opportunities provided by the service, the presence of special offers, and highlight that promotions have a limited time. Generating a sense of urgency without directly selling the policies guarantees improved mail receptivity.

Smart scheduling

If you want to make an effort worthwhile, schedule the sending of emails at the right times. In email marketing for insurance agencies, it is essential to study the leads’ occupations and hobbies so that email notifications arrive during their free time or on days when they are likely to spend time checking their inboxes.

It is advisable that the email routines are well defined from the beginning and thus create the person’s habit to expect the news and new information every week. However, Spam’s rules should be carefully studied to avoid the mails going straight to the “unwanted” box.

Incentives and gifts

It is worthwhile for mailings to promise discounts and even gifts for leads and current customers within the whole strategy. Whether as a thank you for their loyalty or as a method of attraction, people don’t pass up the chance to receive something for free or for a lower price in all cases.

Therefore, presenting a direct invitation that prompts leads to try the service makes them want to contact the agency and motivate clients to ask for more details. It pays to be thorough and risky when it comes to rewarding and thanking your target market through your insurance agency emails.

Hire marketing consultants

If you want all the tricks mentioned above of email marketing for insurance agencies to work, professionals must execute them. Studying the audience and applying the changes in consequences is ideal for getting hooked on the emails and giving the services a chance.

Currently, one of the most specialized agencies in this area is Legencys. We are experts in managing platforms, construction of web portals, and digital consulting for insurance companies. We carry out the campaigns in a personalized way and according to each insurance agency’s target type. We are dedicated to create and position brands above the competition with the help of a multidisciplinary team.

With all the tools in your hands, it’s time to implement email marketing’s right strategy for insurance agencies and attract more customers as soon as possible. Consult the experts in the field, and you will see how the results will be visible and benefit all departments of the company.

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