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Capture and attract the attention of new clients to your insurance agency is a complex task given the massive competition and market options. The truth is that achieving this objective is not impossible, and there are a series of tricks and strategies to make them choose you as an insurer over the rest of the agencies in the market.

Insurance policies are necessary for everyone regardless of the time of life people are, so they never lose validity. Parents seek insurance for their children when there are risks of illnesses; they also insure their assets such as homes, cars, and valuable items.

On the other side, companies, whether small or big, need to give labor guarantees to their employees, and the most important one is life insurance. As a business, they also need to invest in the future of their commercial assets, which is why they also tend to take out business policies.

Protecting life and the integrity of long-term assets is a priority for most people regardless of their social or economic status. Given this reality, attracting new clients to your insurance agency is possible, and you only have to use innovative resources to make successful closings.

Tricks to attract clients for insurance agencies

In the era of the Internet, social networks, and the globalization of information, reaching a massive amount of potential policyholders is a simple task; the complicated thing is to convince them that you are the best alternative in the market.

At Legencys, we have a series of practical strategies and tricks that, when used correctly, will get customers interested in the benefits of your insurance agency before those of your competitors.

Web design and social networks

It is of utmost importance and necessity to design the insurance agency’s web portal to be in harmony with your business values. The visual impact should not be taken lightly because having the correct use of colors, images, and content directly influences potential buyers.

Likewise, social networks must have valuable content and be attractive to your target audience. With daily updates and in line with your identity as an insurance agency, they are the first contact that interested parties will have with you, and depending on what they find, you may or may not close the deal.

Marketing Strategy

Turning to advertising campaigns, Google ad tools and social media are wise decisions that insurance marketers should take advantage of if they want to attract new customers’ attention to their insurance agency.

Investing resources in agency outreach and visibility is vital. This is the quick way to get new policyholders even if the business is new to the market. When using this resource, you must have a Landing Page (landing page) because that is where people who click on ads, social networks, and direct links arrive.

Winning the first positions in the search engine

The long way to attract the attention of people interested in taking out an insurance policy is to appear in the first results of Google. The way to achieve this? By correctly managing the web positioning with valuable content that brings something new to the readers.

In the face of massive daily competition, it depends mostly on how innovative and educational the posts about your insurance agency are on your website. The most accessible and intuitive platform is WordPress which has integrated tools that allow you to apply keywords and SEO rules correctly.

Customized events

Holding corporate events is a resource that can attract clients to your insurance agency if you do it in professionals’ hands. For the adult public to see the offer with their own eyes, meet people who have already tried the service, and meet the salespeople personally is a way to give them confidence and touch their heartstrings. This is a key to attracting the attention of new clients to your insurance agency.

We are talking about guaranteeing emotional peace of mind in the event of a person’s death. As well as promises of economic stability in the case of those interested in protecting their property or real estate. Offering events to get in direct contact with your target market can positively impact your sales, although it requires a considerable investment per year.

Web and social media professionals

Now you know that the key to attracting new clients’ attention to your insurance agency is to follow a steady pace of work, use resources wisely, and always innovate in the offer on the various digital platforms. However, if you do not have the marketing knowledge to boost campaigns, it is time to hire professionals in the area.

At Legencys, we have plans that adapt to each insurance agency’s needs, aiming to improve in appearance and functionality, web portals, social networks, and business platforms.

Our experts in web design, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) address the agency’s online platforms’ main flaws or shortcomings and provide functional and effective strategies that significantly improve the agency’s reach and visibility.

Also, we can create from scratch the websites for your agency and thus give it from the beginning the necessary impulse to grow integrally during local and international competition. Take advantage of the possibility of hiring qualified personnel and gain reputation and clients with security.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attract new clients’ attention to your insurance agency and implement the strategy that best suits your situation. Remember that offering a quality service and the best possible benefits is the best way to gain the respect of potential customers.

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