How to create a marketing plan for insurance agencies

plan de marketing para agencia de seguros
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A good marketing plan for an insurance agency will provide you with order and planning when carrying out marketing actions or strategies to sell the insurance catalog you offer.

What do we mean by this? That a marketing plan for an insurance agency will help you achieve all the objectives you have set and with much less work since everything will be planned from the beginning.

To define a marketing plan for an insurance agency, you could start by creating a document where you specify a summary of the insurance agency’s situational analysis aimed at marketing and define the company’s objectives and the strategies it will implement to achieve them.  

The insurance agency marketing plan is recommended to develop a general marketing plan and one for each type of insurance offered to work on better sales strategies.

Elements that a marketing plan should include

An insurance agency marketing plan should include different content with different approaches; this article will give you some tips and elements for creating your strategies.

Implement the 4 P’s of marketing

The 4 P’s of marketing should be included in any plan aimed at a product or service.


In our case, these would be the types of insurance that we are going to promote. The characteristics they have are already part of the marketing and the advantages of the coverage and everything related to the product. Knowing the insurance plan correctly is essential to create a plan focused on the insurer’s needs.


In this aspect, it is necessary to analyze which channels we will sell our product, the insurance plans. It will be essential to define if it will be by Internet, through collaborators, directly in the office, or in several ways. The marketing plan must be clear about making your product known and what the distribution channels will be.


At this point, it is necessary to think about the type of communication and marketing actions that will be involved in the plan you create to sell your insurance. The actions can be “call center,” “email marketing,” “remarketing,” or advertising on the Google Ads search network or social networks.


The price of your product is important when selling your insurance plans. When you describe your service to a potential client, you already describe the advantages he will have when acquiring it, then comes the time to give the cost of it, and it must be in line with what you offer about service-quality. Of course, without leaving aside all the technical and commercial expenses involved in providing the product.

7 steps to create an efficient marketing plan

As we have already mentioned, it is necessary to be organized when creating a marketing plan, so here are 7 steps to successfully position your insurance agency. 

Have a clear vision

A clear vision of the strategy you want will allow you to measure your digital media management’s efficiency and impact. The ideal is to define what you want to achieve because the efforts and investments made should be focused on these two aspects (efficiency and impact); this is the plan’s purpose and what will help us measure its success.

Defining objectives

The creation of objectives should be defined under the SMART model, which means smart, and each of its letters indicates what you should take into account:

  • Specific: The more concrete the insurance agency marketing plan is, the better clarity there will be on achieving the vision.
  • Measurable: The plan must contribute quantifiably so that it can be defined if the achievement that is stimulated will be reached or not.
  • Achievable: Do not set goals that you think are too difficult to achieve; consider your current status and go step by step fulfilling what you require.
  • Realistic: This aspect will prevent frustration and demotivation when obstacles arise. It will also help you keep your feet on the ground, and your success will be achievable.
  • Time: Always contemplate a time limit for the plan’s execution because if you don’t have it, you will not achieve the purpose. A deadline always allows you to give feedback on achievements and obstacles.

Research trends

To define the objectives, you must analyze the market and analyze the trends of consumption and digital interaction that the audience has with content related to the product you offer, in this case, insurance plans. In this step, it also enters the competition study, so you know what to improve and achieve the expected with your company.


This is a necessary and fundamental step to achieve your objectives successfully. The audience are the groups of interest who are directed all the efforts and investments made in the marketing plan for an insurance agency.

That is to say, people who have just bought a house and are looking to insure it, the same if they have just bought a car. You must define if you will direct your plan to the husband or wife, if it is a couple of both.

You must remember that marketing is from people to people, and that is why it is so important to humanize all the strategies you apply to establish relationships. The audiences you decide to reach will depend on the insurance policies you offer and that you can market in all types of sales channels.


The definition of media and digital channels is a decisive step. Audiences must be considered since some are more akin to traditional media, and others may be more focused on social networks. When your team defines this step, they should consider the capabilities they have with suppliers and allies. This is equivalent to creating a good structure with the media and channels that your insurer can operate.


When defining how you are going to offer insurance policies, it is time to define the channels. That is to say if it is through a web page, what information will it carry? People will have direct contact with whom? And how to link your web page with other online pages of the insurance company.


This is the way to keep track of the fulfillment of the objectives, to be able to feedback all the decisions taken and strategies that you put in place; the idea is to quantify the following:

  • People interested in the policies.
  • The sales you make through digital media.
  • The increase in profitability of the business after starting the campaign.

With all these steps, you will be able to structure a marketing plan for an insurance agency that is efficient and in line with your company’s vision and what you want to achieve over time.

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