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conseguir clientes para agencias de seguros
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Competition is on the rise in the insurance field, so it’s natural to wonder how to get clients for insurance policies in a short time. As a marketer, looking for functional methods to hook potential policyholders is a daily task and, with the emergence of health alternatives in the market, it is becoming unexpectedly complicated.

In the first instance, you need to be clear that life, property, auto, or business insurance is indispensable for people at all times in their lives. Having a guarantee of help in times of illness, accidents, or downturns in the country’s economy is an aspect that most workers and families seek. This is a point in your favor from the start.

Although the need for insurance is still valid, as a salesperson, you must make efforts to catch the clients since, in many cases, people don’t know the importance of being insured until an unfortunate event comes into their lives. The key is to act persistently with sales plans that lead them to make the decision.

With this reality exposed, there are several strategies, plans, and ideas on how to get clients for insurance policies. The ideal is to convince them to invest in the insurance policies you offer regardless of the competition you have in your field.

How to get customers for insurance policies: strategies and tips

Nowadays, there are several ways to sell insurance policies regardless of the branch or country. You can exploit your potential by starting with good customer service to improve your local reputation and then apply marketing strategies on the Internet and social networks.

At Legencys, we tell you the most useful tips to give your insurance agency the sales boost it needs so that you no longer have to question how to get clients for insurance policies.

Get referrals without fear

Referrals are people who come to you through satisfied customers who recommended the services you offer. That is to say, when policyholders feel well taken care of, satisfied with the benefits guaranteed by the policy when the company responds to their requests according to the policies detailed at the beginning of the relationship, they feel confident to promote the insurance agency.

Policyholders who are enjoying service that meets all their expectations feel the need to share their satisfaction with their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

In addition to this, people usually ask the opinion of acquaintances who have tried the service before contracting. Depending on the right or bad experiences they hear, they decide whether to trust or not. This is a crucial point when answering how to get clients for insurance policies.

Another way to get referrals is to ask clients upfront. Phrases like, “Could you recommend insurance policies to their family and friends?” are valid when the relationship with your client is strong. For many, this is a difficult step to take; however, referrals are a direct and effective way to increase agency clients.

Clear objectives

When going out into the world and trying to attract new clients, it is ideal to have well-defined business objectives and an exact target audience in mind.

If your agency specializes in life insurance, your objective is to demonstrate to the target market, for example, people between 50 and 80 years of age, that investing in the offer of policies is the ideal way to have peace of mind in case of medical complications, chronic illnesses or accidents that may occur inherently to age.

Once you have your agency’s motivations in mind, you will develop sales strategies on different platforms and digital spaces.

Marketing on your website and social networks

Now that you have your objectives clear and you have applied the referral strategy, it is time to boost your website and social networks with digital marketing campaigns.

When talking about how to get clients for insurance policies, don’t underestimate virtual platforms’ power. Today’s consumers rely on referrals on Instagram or Facebook to seek more information about various products or services.

In insurance agencies, promoting life, real estate, or business plans with engaging, innovative, and current content is essential to attract potential policyholders. The ideal is to hire Internet marketing professionals to execute an adequate strategy for your company and closely analyze the public’s reactions and behaviors.

Search Engine Optimization

Where do people click when they search for a term on Google? Simple: in the first results. Appearing as one of the first 10 options in the search engine is not an easy task, and this is where the application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

It is a way of working where Google’s guidelines are met to be an influential portal that jumps out at the sight of those interested in the content when searching for related words. Boosting the content of your insurance agency’s web portal is a trick that never fails and that you can develop with the help of an SEO expert.

Marketing professionals for insurance companies

You know how to get customers for your insurance policies, but you don’t have the trained staff to drive the campaigns you need. The way to solve the problem is to rely on insurance agency marketing professionals, and that’s what we’re here for.

We are an insurance agent marketing agency specializing in driving growth for insurers across all digital platforms regardless of your objectives, target market, and competition. We reshape the style of websites and social profiles and increase brand influence on Google search engine.

In a short time, we build your brand on various platforms and give you the place that corresponds to you as an insurance agency in the city where you are. Just check our plans and prices, and soon you will be increasing your sales like never before.

Now that you have all the tools to know how to get customers for your insurance policies, it’s time to apply the best strategies in your business and seek the help of professionals who can take your brand to the top and be the first choice of potential policyholders.

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