How to get online reviews for your company

Cómo obtener reseñas online para su empresa
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Insurance agencies need to develop a good image to attract customers, and getting online reviews is one of the best ways to convince leads to learn more about their services.

For insurance agents, generating satisfied customers, who can promote the agency’s services to their friends and acquaintances, is the method that guarantees the arrival of potential buyers. The referred acquaintances, undoubtedly, trust the recommendation of their close one. However, it will go directly to the Internet to check the reputation of the company.

According to the comments he finds from other customers or users, he will contact you or look for other alternatives.

Steps to obtain online reviews

Good customer reviews and feedback on social and sales platforms play a crucial role in getting more customers.

The question is: How to get online reviews for your insurer? From Legencys, we provide you with a series of steps you can follow to get customers to leave their recommendations and personal experiences online.

Register on Yelp and promote interaction

Currently, the best way to get online reviews is through the web portal Yelp. It is a recognized tool that allows companies to present their products or services and be rated by the page moderators and users.

Registration is simple. Once inside the platform, you only have to comply with the portal’s requirements and get ready for your customers to leave their impressions about your insurance agency.

To increase interactions, ask policyholders to visit your Yelp link and comment on their experiences and suggestions. Use the strategy of placing the link to your Yelp link in e-mails and send it occasionally by courier if necessary.

Facebook and Google My Business are other tools to obtain online reviews. In both, you must make sure you comply with the requirements and claim ownership rights to your agency’s name if another user has taken it upon themselves to create a fake profile.

The key is to ensure that your presence on the platform generates legitimate and trustworthy online reviews for potential clients.

Select the right customers

An important point in obtaining beneficial online reviews for your insurance agency is to select clients carefully. When you ask one of your policyholders to write an honest and frank review about the company on Yelp and share the link where they can do so, you put yourself in a delicate situation.

That person will have the power to either enhance your business’ reputation or wreck it. It is clear that the choice of the people you want to write a review must be careful.

Focus on those customers who had a recent and close interaction with the insurance agents. Also, they have expressed their satisfaction, and the contracting process is finished, and there are no issues to be resolved. This is the perfect scenario to ask for a recommendation and thank them for their loyalty.

Find the time and way to get online reviews

Once you have your ideal clients selected, the next step is to take action to get them to agree, and you can get online reviews for your insurance agency.

Prepare a friendly, flowing script where you introduce the situation and ask them if they are willing to tell about their experience with the company on Yelp, Facebook, or Google Business. Tips for increasing your confidence as an insurance agent will help make this part of the process easy.

Whether it’s via e-mail, text message, or phone call: just do it and trust that the client will take the time to rate you with their best intentions. Be sure to provide them with a direct link to the review portal and the appropriate instructions so they can do it without hassle.

Follow-up and gratitude

It is expected that the client makes a verbal or written confirmation about his intentions to leave a review, but he never does it after one or two weeks. In these cases, it should not be taken as a personal matter: it is normal for people to forget such issues as they have other occupations.

This is where the follow-up strategy comes in. You should not harass customers daily with e-mails or calls as it will seem that you are desperate and, far from what is recommended, they may feel uncomfortable. Consider how long you should wait for a new review request and never neglect to thank them for their support of the insurance agency.

The process of getting online reviews is a long one and is based on building stable and satisfying relationships with your customers. You just have to dedicate time to offer quality service and ensure that all the promises are kept. Thus you will be guaranteed good reviews and, in the future, the arrival of new clients.

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