How to sell insurance successfully

Cómo vender seguros de forma exitosa
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Selling life assurance, property, vehicle, health, or any other type of insurance requires well-defined techniques and strategies to be successful. If you are an insurance agent and you are wondering how to sell insurance at the beginning of 2021, it is time to pay attention to these tips.

It is no secret that selling insurance is a complicated task, and several methods can be used to have a solid customer base. However, in many cases, reaching this point is not easy, and in the process, it is not possible to achieve the company’s sales closings.

In this context, to learn how to sell insurance, you can follow a series of general guidelines that will help you identify what you are doing wrong, what you need to change, and what resources you need to adopt so that potential policyholders come running to you.

How to sell insurance and succeed in the market

In insurance marketing, the first step to attract customers is to have a well-defined strategy based on real data from the target market’s studies.

In Legencys, we tell you in detail some of these tricks and why you have to hire a marketing expert to analyze the business objectives and the possibilities of success in the market.

Defined roles and strategies

A fundamental point on how to sell insurance is to have trained insurance agents with defined sales strategies in their hands. When looking to grow the client portfolio, the main thing is that each employee’s processes are transparent and executed in order.

This is one of the tips for insurance agents in their first steps and a fundamental point to make clients feel secure. Everyone has to know that they should make calls, answer questions and claims, send reports, file client data, send reminders, and always show a proactive attitude for the agency’s growth.

Monitoring processes and studying errors

Keeping an eye on the company’s insurance salespeople’s work is vital so that sales do not drop. In the process of how to sell insurance, you have to study what the staff is doing and how they are doing it to identify errors and, to the same extent, solve them.

There may be several reasons why agents have to be followed up, such as lack of motivation, inexperience, lack of commitment, and training failures. The truth is that when evaluating them, you also have to take into account what is going wrong.

One way to find out is to pay attention to clients’ frequent claims or complaints and the reasons they decide to drop policies or request changes in the plans already contracted.

Develop the right insurance marketing plan

It is critical for agents to be confident and have the techniques to hook customers, and once they master them, they are unstoppable. However, none of this will take permanent hold if the insurance company does not have a customized marketing plan.

This is in charge of studying the target market and directing business objectives towards results and is the basis for knowing how to sell insurance. Everything considers that the insurance agency’s first view is in the social networks and in the results that appear in search engines.

The best way to have a solid marketing plan for insurance agencies is to hire professionals in the area who can do the studies, evaluations, and planning that correspond to each case. Many believe that investment in this area is “not necessary” and realize too late that a well-designed and executed campaign is the difference between selling and losing clients.

One of the best allies in insurance marketing campaigns

When looking for how to sell insurance at Legencys, we have the answer. We offer you a complete package of options to increase your sales as an insurance agency and cover all the necessary aspects to succeed in social networks and win the top positions in the Google search engine.

The first thing you have to do is contact us to study your case, get a quote and know-how to sell insurance. We take care of raising your brand from the bottom of the internet and give it the visibility it deserves in your locality.

For marketing plans to work, you have to offer your customers quality services that meet their expectations and have a proposal that differs from the competition.

Now that you have the best tricks on how to sell insurance in your hands, it is time to look for experts on the subject and give the necessary boost to your brand. Take advantage of the trends and opportunities brought by 2021 and start increasing your sales.


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