Ideal social networks for insurance agencies

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Social applications are here to stay, and their influence on businesses of all kinds is indisputable. According to consumer preferences, there are several social networks that work best for insurance agencies and that more than one is taking advantage of to increase their sales and visibility in the market.

Social networks are ideal windows to dynamically and directly promote the products, services, and financing possibilities that the insurance agency offers. These are platforms where potential policyholders usually resort to getting basic and key information about the insurance company they intend to hire.

Having an official account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter represents an excellent help for insurance agents seeking to capture a giant mass of customers and position themselves above the competition. However, some networks work better for workers in this field.

Social networks for insurance agencies

Selling on social networks works differently for each type of business. In insurance agents, being accessible, simple, and open to answering questions is essential to achieve a closing. Given this, the ideal social networks for insurance agencies are Facebook and Instagram.

Both are owned by Facebook and stand out because they have promotional functions for companies. Their formats, although entirely different, work perfectly to reach customers of different ages.


The first social network in the world allows you to create official pages for companies where you can share videos, photos, invitations to events, and dynamic posts, in addition to the possibility of making live broadcasts and launching offers or updates.

The mature adult audience is the one that usually uses this social network because they consider it simple and familiar. This point is critical for agencies that offer life insurance, health, and property protection.

It appears as space where customers can interact, leave doubts and questions, and request information directly. Simultaneously, the Facebook page format is a safe space to get to know the brand in depth and follow updates closely.


One of the ideal social networks for insurance agencies is Instagram. It is full of young adults and young people with a thirst for visual information. Agencies offering business, auto, and home insurance can take advantage of Instagram’s dynamism and possibilities.

Accounts rely on pleasing and aesthetically pleasing images and videos that catch the attention of policyholders just by logging into the profile. Adults are looking for short but precise information when inquiring about the brand on Instagram, and this aspect can be leveraged with posts in harmony throughout the feed.

It has a section for direct messages for users to consult directly about doubts, so hooking them will be a simple task.

Tricks for insurance agents on social networks

A key point of social networks is to use useful tricks to get the message to the right audience and increase sales. Insurance agencies should follow many simple tricks if they want to achieve success on modern platforms.

  • Offer useful content related to the type of insurance policy you offer.
  • Create images in harmony with the corporate image and that contain relevant data about the brand.
  • Update social networks daily and do not neglect customer service.
  • Never respond impulsively to attacking or mocking comments. Employ smart strategies to always make the agency look good.
  • Frequently highlight the insurance agency’s advantages, promotions, and alternatives to attract new customers.
  • Share testimonials from satisfied customers and emphasize the importance of policyholder feedback to the company.
  • Practice patience and never abandon social media posts as, sooner or later, they will positively affect your sales. If the strategy doesn’t work, look for a new one.

Advantages of selling insurance on social networks

Taking the impact and importance of social networks for insurance agencies lightly is a common mistake that also occurs in companies of all industries. The truth is that when fair use of these tools is made, sales increase impressively, and among the main reasons are the following:

  • The brand name becomes easily accessible to those interested in contracting a policy for their family, company, car, or real estate.
  • It has greater reach and reaches more people inside and outside the locality.
  • Customers get in direct contact with the company through social media messaging.
  • The company’s promotions, events, and changes are notified immediately.
  • Responsiveness and problem solving through an alternative channel.
  • The closeness and trust of policyholders are achieved through the treatment of the agency’s corporate identity.

Collaboration with network professionals

Given all the benefit factors, social network management cannot be left to chance or to an insurance agent’s discretion to save resources. Today more than ever, investing in a good campaign on the agency’s profiles makes the difference between selling and not selling.

Having the help of strategic marketing professionals, web design, positioning, and content writing for social networks is key to attracting target customers. To do this, you can turn to companies dedicated to boosting sales on the Internet. One of the most consolidated in the market is Legencys.

At Legencys, we focus on improving the sales and positioning of insurance agencies in the market. We offer marketing plans for websites and social networks that enhance the visibility of the brand with security. Also, we adapt to the economic needs of small, medium, and big agencies.

Now that you know the ideal social networks for insurance agencies and some of the best tricks to take advantage of them, it’s time to leap into the digital era and promote policies like the global market’s biggest ones.

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