Multi-format content strategies for insurance companies

Estrategias de contenido multiformato para aseguradoras
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Insurance agencies often use the same methods to gain more customers and reputation in search engines. With the start of 2021, it is time to use multi-format content strategies that are essential to increase the likelihood of success.

Marketing plans for insurance agencies can be complete and use search engine optimization (SEO), social media campaigns, Google Ads, website repowering, among others.

It is worth mentioning that among the digital marketing trends for this new year, the combined use of strategies that can boost insurance agencies’ presence in their target market stands out.

How to achieve this? At Legencys, we tell you some of the multi-format content strategies you can apply to achieve better results and take better advantage of the previously used marketing plans.

Multi-format content strategies for insurance companies

When we talk about multi-format content strategies, we talk about giving an extra touch to the texts or appearance of a web portal or social networks. These are incredibly functional for insurance agency platforms since their offers can be complicated for some people to understand.

In this context, insurance marketing experts know that applying various forms of content optimization is key to positioning a search network website. This is the best method to do, and one way to give it better visibility is by applying multi-format content strategies.

At Legencys, we present you some of these ways to get the most out of your marketing plans and add extra value to the content you offer on the various platforms.

Multimedia content

One of the best strategies to take advantage of insurance agencies’ platforms’ content is implementing videos and audio to give dynamism and attractiveness to the different interfaces. Slider presentations are much more attractive and help the reader process and understand the web content more easily.

Giving the added value of multimedia publications is functional in many ways as consumers prefer to read less and less. Also, including clips with explanations of insurance types, benefits, and recommendations, for different cases increases the likelihood that the potential customer will contact the insurance agent.

Currently, it is possible to add introductory clips to the general offer of the insurance company and audios, experiences of satisfied customers, audio formats such as podcasts, and even include digital books related to the topic of insurance. The alternatives to having this type of multi-format content strategies are varied.


In the same line of dynamic content, imposing long blocks of text on your page is not the best way to catch people’s attention. Using infographics is an excellent idea to make a service or process within the insurance company digestible.

These images present topics, situations, or concepts with graphics and animations that make the understanding dynamic and digestible. Including them within a complex text contributes to complete understanding and generates greater confidence in the readers.

The goal should be to understand potential customers fully and feel motivated to share the infographic so that their family, friends, and followers in social networks also enjoy it.

Strategic content in the hands of professionals

Within the answer of how to sell insurance successfully is the implementation of a proper marketing plan for insurers to help meet business objectives and, as a result, to increase sales.

At Legencys, we offer you just that. We are experts in developing sales plans and improving digital platforms for insurance agencies to know what strategies work best for each case. We design insurance companies’ websites and position them in search engines to differentiate them from the market’s direct competition.

We take care of studying your agency’s objectives, analyze the target market and formulate the corresponding strategies to gain visibility in both search and social networks. Also, we are specialists in leveraging multi-format content strategies and applying security protocols to safeguard the website’s integrity.

Now that you have multi-format content strategies at your disposal, you need to seek professionals’ help to make the change. You will see, with satisfaction, how the investment in quality marketing will pay off in the short, medium, and long term. Take advantage of the opportunities to improve and position your brand like never before in 2021.

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