SEO for Insurance Agencies in California

Posicionamiento SEO para agencias de seguros en California

We combine our experience and SEO tools to make you stand out among insurance agencies in California.

"What Gets Measured Gets Improved." Peter Drucker

Posicionamiento SEO para agencias de seguros en California

Make yourself visible thanks to SEO for insurance agencies

As an insurance agency does not appear on the first page of Google results in California, you are in trouble. Many of your potential clients are not getting you, so, unfortunately, you are losing money with each passing day. But all is not lost. At Legencys, we have a team of experts who can design for you the best strategy of SEO for insurance agencies in California.

Our team specializes in advising insurance agencies and insurance agents, so you can have full confidence in our work. We know what your needs are, we understand what your audience is looking for, and we will do our best to help them find a solution to their problems in you. Make yourself visible, start positioning your website with SEO.

SEO strategies based on your needs

With the positioning service of SEO for insurance agencies in California, we focus on solving your website’s problems. For this, we analyze, generate, and optimize the strategies that your company needs to be one of the most relevant and authoritative insurance agencies in the territory where you are located.

We take care of doing SEO audits in which we evaluate your domain and compare it with the insurance agencies in California that are your competition. All the results are part of the analytical data that we evaluate to give you the objective solution you expect, always based on statistics and not just opinions. So you will get results.


Stay updated on your progress

We always have a transparent and honest relationship with our clients. That’s why we run a customized report on the status of your insurance agency’s domain. This will let you know where you stand concerning other insurance agencies in California and the competitive advantages you are gaining.

In addition to the detailed report for insurance agencies, we also make it a point to talk to our clients about strategies to be aware of the actions employed and better understand why you are growing.

As an agency, we do our part by applying the best tools for SEO for insurance agencies. You just have to see the results of the strategies.

What do we do before starting a project?

We start every project of positioning SEO for insurance agencies in California starting from a fundamental question: is the website active, or is it a new development? If it is a domain already created and running, we do an SEO audit. This will help us determine the indexing status of the site. If it is a new page, we begin to establish the protocols to be followed by the design and programming team. All to obtain the best results.   

Once we have implemented all the technical aspects of SEO, we continue with the second phase. In this phase, we focus on the content strategy and the articles for the blog. Additional techniques will be developed to complement the work done with organic optimization, depending on the budget available. Do you want to start receiving more potential customers on your website? Contact us.

Looking for more online presence?

We help you increase your insurance agency’s visibility and increase your customers’ number at the same time. Do you want to transform your business?