Strategies to study your customers and increase retention

Estrategias para estudiar a tus clientes y aumentar la retención
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Applying strategies to study your target customers is one of the first steps you should take to create a successful insurance marketing plan.

When we talk about target customers, we refer to that group of people who may consume or need the services of your insurance agency due to their social and economic characteristics and preferences.

Knowing the type of public you want to impact is fundamental since it brings various benefits to your company. For example, you can design campaigns that successfully attract them. At the same time, you can offer them the correct type of products and services to meet their preferences and requirements.

The best strategies to study your customer targets

When insurance companies only present promotions without prior segmentation and market research, the results are usually not the desired ones. They invest time and money in campaigns that do not reach the right customers. Consequently, the insurance agency’s sales plummet.

To know your market, we recommend you to follow the strategies to study your target clients. By following each one of them, you will determine the right audience to direct your marketing efforts and increase your profits as a primary objective.

Identifying the service to promote

As an insurance agency, you probably offer only one type of policy: health, life, or property. On the contrary, you have a range of insurance options that clients can take advantage of personally or as employees of a company.

In this case, you must determine which of your services you want to make visible with the marketing campaigns and proceed to do the market research to succeed in the strategies to study your target clients.

Being clear about the type of service you want to promote and its benefits is the starting point since you have to encourage it to solve your target market’s problems.

Evaluate your competition

It’s wise to carefully study your competitors’ insurance agencies’ steps and discover the type of audience they are targeting with their marketing campaigns. Ask yourself questions such as:

What is the market they are targeting? What type of marketing campaigns are they implementing? Do users on social networks have good receptivity to their publications? How did they manage to position their brand?

Market segmentation

One of the main strategies to study your target customers is to know the people who already use your insurance services. Implement a system that allows you to collect their data subtly without the need to pressure them to fill out long and tedious forms.

The essential characteristics you need to know are their language, location, age, and gender. Subsequently, determine what the interests of this group of people are and whether their visits to your inquiries on the various insurance agency platforms end in the purchase or not.

Look for methods to discover the essential points in the life of this type of customer and why they decided to become an insurance customer. By having this data in your hands, you will take the next step in your marketing strategy.

Study social networks

Data from your insurance agency’s social networks is another strategy to study your target customers. Analytical figures from Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn profiles can help you gather information about the type of people who consume your content and who can potentially become clients.

Social networks are perfect for measuring the tastes and preferences of your target market. The type of content has good receptivity and generates interactions to the publications that do not arouse any interest and cause the loss of followers. Taking these platforms into account will be essential for your target market study.

Testing banner ads

The next strategy to study your target customers is to test your advertisements on social networks and web portals. Design a recruitment plan taking into account the data collection and check the results obtained.

In case you have the desired success, from this point, you will be free to create thousands of ways to keep your ideal audience interested. Otherwise, study the scenario and try different campaigns by varying the possibilities.

Once you apply the strategies to study your target customers, you will have the ability to design appropriate marketing plans to attract them and get them to become customers of your insurance agency. However, what will guarantee that this study is compelling is that insurance marketing professionals carry it out.

Put in the hands of the experts at Legencys the market study and implement the recruitment campaigns. We are specialized in marketing for insurance agencies, so we guarantee the best results in the market.

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