Tips for web design for insurance agencies

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Getting customers can be a simple task for insurance policy sellers when their information portals are updated. The first step to success is to develop the right web design for insurance agencies.

For insurance marketers of any kind, competition is extensive, so boosting the reach of your information platforms on the Internet is indispensable in the context of the digital age. Although many may consider this point unnecessary, the truth is that investing in your agency’s appearance is crucial.

Websites are nowadays the key for potential clients to know and are interested in your insurance plans. Faced with the need to get a personal or business policy, many turn to reliable Internet results. They consult the best and most available options in the market of their city, state, or country.

People feel comfortable and motivated to continue researching when they find a page with a user-friendly design, mostly if they frequently use it. Also, a good position in search engines makes a big difference between selling and not selling.

Web design for insurance agencies

Now that you are familiar with the importance of web design for insurance agencies, you must be wondering what you should do to create or improve yours. The ideal is to hire a specialized marketing agency to take charge of the development of the project.

However, this requires an investment that, in many cases, small or growing companies are not willing to make for fear of losing money or lack of resources. In Legencys, we offer you the main tips to develop web design for insurance agencies, and when you know them, you will see that it is essential to get advice from professionals in the area.

Digital marketing strategy

Once you decide to start the website design project for insurance agents, the first step is to establish a digital marketing strategy. Around this idea will be developed the rest of the platform’s aspects dedicated to promoting your product or service. The essential points are:

Be clear about how you want to sell your insurance and differentiate yourself from the existing competition.

  • Your brand must be defined as well as your target market.
  • Have clear objectives and indicators in the promotion of your product or service.
  • Presence in social networks, pay for promotions, and invest in web positioning.

Hosting and web domain 

The space where your web portal’s information will be stored on the Internet is known as Hosting. In your web design, it is essential to decide on one of the available options, and the idea is to get one that guarantees security and speed.

Then there is the web domain, which is the name that your platform will have. Once you have your objectives clear, your website’s name will be clear: “” or “segurosparaniñ”.

Content Management System

Selecting a Content Management System (CMS) is an important step. WordPress is most widely used today because it is easy to use, intuitive, users learn its functions quickly, and the platform is inexpensive to maintain.

Also, it has the great advantage that it allows to directly promote the content of the blog or web portal with search engine optimization (SEO). There are other alternatives in the market according to the requirements of the business.

Corporate appearance

The design of the website that will represent your brand must be carefully studied. When devising the web design for insurance agencies, it is necessary to harmonize the colors, theme, typography, positions of the menu bars and options, and the space for images, notes, and social networks.

WordPress has the advantage of offering pre-designed templates with most of these aspects already defined. So it would only remain to adapt it to the specific requirements of the brand. However, to stand out from the competition, it is always better to put the design in the hands of programmers, developers, and web designers who can give a one hundred percent original appearance to the web.

Remember that opting for simple but optimal designs will always be the best option to guarantee a good loading speed.


After a great variety of details and aspects for creating the web, it is vital to measure and analyze what happens. The most used tool to know the traffic, visits, and changes from search engines to the web is the Google Analytics tool.

Legencys Insurance Marketing

Creating a specialized website for insurance agencies requires research, development, and SEO criteria to fill it with content that will attract target customers. At Legencys, we are dedicated to marketing for companies dedicated to insurance sales of all types: health, real estate, corporate, property, and much more.

We have plans that adapt to each type of company’s pocket, and we guarantee success in a short time. We are dedicated to getting insurance agents to achieve their brand’s success on the Internet and place them above their competition. Our packages have:

  • Mobile optimization so that the website’s responsiveness is adequate on alternate devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Security within the web with the implementation of SSL encryption. The data and integrity of the platform will be protected from hacking.
  • Modern design to visually attract the attention of potential policyholders. The presentation of products and services makes the difference.
  • Specialized technical support that will be in permanent contact with the agency in case of any incident.

Take advantage of these tips on web design for insurance agencies, and don’t hesitate to invest in professionals who can give the necessary boost to your brand in the voracious competition that currently exists. Keep in mind that your brand’s presentation will attract customers, and then you must prove that your product or service is the best in the market.

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