Video marketing for insurance agencies

Video marketing para agencias de seguros

Convey your insurance agency’s powerful message with a good video marketing strategy.

" Above all else, you have to create something you're proud of." Richard Branson

Impacta en tus clientes potenciales con video marketing para agencias de seguros en California

Make an impact on your potential customers with video marketing for insurance agencies in California.

Video is the king of social media. For this reason, we advise our clients to have a strategy of video marketing for insurance agencies in California within their business.

This resource not only reaches more potential customers it also allows the sound, image, and creativity of the piece alone to excite and generate a unique value with the audience. Any insurance agent that is on the internet and has social media should have a complete social media strategy that encompasses every important aspect, including video marketing.

Why video marketing for insurance agencies?

Video marketing has many advantages in its favor. With this well-implemented strategy, you can make useful content for your potential customers that is attractive, generates emotions, increases the virality of your insurance agency, boosts the engagement of your business, and positions you above your competition.

¿Por qué hacer video marketing para agencias de seguros?
Suma el video marketing a tu estrategia

Add video marketing to your strategy

Video marketing for insurance agencies should be essential within the digital strategy. At Legencys, we create concrete actions to help them get to know California’s insurance agencies through videos. This allows the insurer to be known, its products to be promoted, and more services to be sold.

Our strategy is to create a script or interactive material that allows your target audience to obtain important information quickly and catchy way. Do you want to know the proposal we have for you? Contact us and tell us about your insurance agency! We want to offer you the digital marketing strategy you need.

Favorite content

Did you know that the most consumed content is audiovisual? There is no reason not to take into account a strategy of video marketing for insurance agencies.

The content generated in the video, besides being liked, attracts more people. The reason? Because it is easy and quick to consume. Also, no extra effort is required from the user. All this makes it a very useful resource for insurance agents in California.

Contenido favorito
Tus clientes te recordarán más

Your clients will remember you more

You should also trust us for a strategy of video marketing for insurance agencies because your customers will remember you more in this way. It’s not a secret; 80% of internet users remember a product or a brand they saw through videos.

Also, this strategy generates that consumers are more likely to buy the product after watching an explanatory or demonstrative video.

Video marketing brings you closer to your community

At Legencys, we include video marketing as a strategy because it makes the insurance agency much more approachable, shareable, and viral than other content. It transmits greater credibility, trust, and visibility that automatically generates greater interest, so there is a higher conversion rate. 

Tus clientes te recordarán más

Undoubtedly, video marketing for insurance agencies in California is a strategy you should start using.

Contact us; we want to hear about your project.