Why should you do inbound marketing in your insurance agency?

Por qué debes hacer inbound marketing en tu agencia de seguros
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Attracting clients is one of the most challenging tasks for insurance marketing professionals, and one of the best ways to capture leads is by applying inbound marketing for insurance agencies.

This is a tool that all insurance company owners should know and execute. Why? It provides strategies that are not invasive for readers on social networks and websites and are highly effective.

For this reason, it makes it possible in a short time to meet the main objective of these companies of this type: to sell their insurance policies to many people and at the same time keep the already affiliated members loyal to the brand regardless of the offers of the competition.

In this sense, knowing some of the best digital marketing techniques for insurance agencies is what you should prioritize in this year, 2021. Specifically, it is time for you to know precisely the inbound marketing for insurance agencies.

What is inbound marketing?

Before knowing why you have to adopt inbound marketing for insurance agencies, it is necessary to explain it.

Inbound marketing is popularly known as “attraction marketing” because it uses social media and web strategies to convert visitors into leads (business opportunities) and customers.

The key is to get, in a friendly way, providing exciting content and without pressure, that people voluntarily enter the information platforms of your insurance agency, make a data record, agree to receive information about your offers, and finally become customers.

The premise of inbound marketing for insurance agencies is to attract customers and take them by the hand towards the final objective, and to do so, a series of processes must be followed:

  • Traffic: It involves directing leads directly to your website with content on social networks, advertising, and even through face-to-face or virtual events. The methods to attract attention depend on the objectives of each insurance agency and what they can offer.
  • Conversion: The user feels interested in the insurance offer and agrees to leave his data, such as name, e-mail, and telephone number, to receive further details about the service. In this way, a prosperous business database is built up.
  • Automation: With the help of software for insurance agencies, agents send the data that each user needs at the right time. Also, these programs allow the analysis of their response to improve the service.
  • Loyalty: At this point, the leads are already a customer, and with the post-sales strategies, they feel satisfied and valued by the agency. In this way, they have no problem recommending your policies because they are loyal to the company.
  • Study of results: Inbound marketing for insurance agencies has a significant advantage. It allows you to analyze each client’s sales and closings’ effects to identify failures and strengths to improve the strategy.

Reasons why you should go for inbound marketing for insurance agencies

Among the challenges faced by insurance agents is attracting customers and convincing them to take out policies. With inbound marketing for insurance agencies, the process becomes much simpler and more effective.

The strategy aims to provide all the information the customer needs to resolve all their doubts about the agency’s service. This saves them time searching through different websites and leads them directly to your business.

Inbound marketing promotes the application of lead nurturing. The technique allows filling in even more detailed customer service information through e-mails. According to the interest, the plan will escalate to share more complex documents until convincing him to leap the policy’s contract.

Respecting the lead’s decision to seek information is another reason why inbound marketing for insurance agencies is a wise move. Invasive strategies and digital harassment tend to have the opposite effect, so not being intrusive with information campaigns generates more trust in the person who finds your content.

With the application of inbound marketing for insurance agencies, the brand’s good reputation is improved in many ways, and the possibility of closing sales increases. Also, it positions the boosted web portal articles in search engines.

Seek help from marketing professionals

It is important to note that professionals in the area can correctly apply inbound marketing for insurance agencies. At Legencys, we offer you the complete consultancy to design and implement this strategy in your business.

Besides, we build your brand from scratch and optimize your content with the latest strategies to climb to search engines’ top positions. All with the experience and security for the most sophisticated websites of the moment. Undoubtedly, an investment that will show results in the short, medium, and long term.

With all the knowledge about inbound marketing for insurance agencies, it is time to take the step and change the way you promote your brand today. Start generating the revenue you deserve and climb among the competition with the help of digital marketing experts.

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